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About Alta Devices

Alta Devices is (em)Powering the Unplugged World™ by delivering the world’s most efficient, thin and flexible mobile power technology. By converting light of any kind into electricity, Alta Devices’s AnyLight™ power technology extends the energy source of a system, and in many cases, completely cuts the traditional power cord. The solution can be completely integrated into the final system, and is ideal for use in unmanned systems, consumer electronics, sensors, automotive, remote exploration, or anywhere size, weight, and mobility matter. Alta Devices holds world records for both cell and module conversion efficiency.

Alta Devices was founded in 2008 by professors Harry Atwater from Cal Tech and Eli Yablonovitch from Berkeley. Shortly after founding the company, they were joined by the company's president and CEO Chris Norris, an experienced executive from the semiconductor industry who has since built a world-class management team from the solar, semiconductor, and capital equipment industries. In August of 2014, Alta Devices was acquired by Hanergy Holdings, Inc.

Alta Devices
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