Extend Range: Harness the Power of the Sun.

Most cars are exposed to the sun all day. With Alta Device’s AnyLightTM power technology, that sunlight can be used to charge your battery, extend your range, and cool your car throughout the day.

The Alta Advantage


Alta holds both the single-junction and dual-junction cell solar efficiency world records at 28.8% and 31.6% respectively. That translates to an unmatched power density of over 250 W/m2 which allows our solar technology to significantly increase vehicle range.


With a mass of around 240 g/m2, saying our cells are light weight may be an understatement.


Our cells can be integrated directly into carbon fiber and fiberglass molding to ensure a smooth and aerodynamic surface. Transparent/clear coats of paint can also be applied on top of the cells to provide extra protection against the weather and a smooth glossy finish in line with the vehicle styling.

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Single Cell Technology Brief

Automotive Application Brief

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