Unmanned Systems

Unmanned Systems

Fly All Day: Endurance is Everything.

For small, unmanned systems, increased endurance means less risk of damage to the aircraft and the ability to cover more ground. Alta Device’s AnyLight™ power technology gives you as much as 5X more daytime endurance, and at one gram per watt of power, has virtually no impact on aerodynamics.

The Alta Advantage


Alta holds both cell and module solar efficiency records at 28.8% and 24.1% respectively. That translates to an unmatched power density of 250 W/m2.


With a mass of around 240 g/m2, saying our cells are light weight may be an understatement considering they weigh 20x less than a sheet of paper.


Our cells can be integrated directly into carbon fiber and fiberglass molding to ensure a smooth and aerodynamic surface.

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Single Cell Technology Brief

UAVs Application Brief

Case Studies

AeroVironment Puma AE


Aerovironmental’s Puma is a small unmanned aircraft system (UAS) designed to be hand launched. Typically the Puma only has an endurance of 2-3 hours.


With Alta Devices’ technology, Aerovironmental has the ability to increase the Puma fly time by 6-7 hours — to over 9 hours. Now they can ensure all-day surveillance that can help save lives.

Asia Tech Drones Cyclops-C


Aerial Vista, with the cooperation of RP Flight Systems developed a small hand-launched UAV was only capable of 6-hour flights. This impacted the ability to provide surveillance to the entire area in South Africa where animal poaching was common.


By using Alta Devices high-efficiency solar technology, Aerial Vista was able to almost double their UAV’s endurance. This provided greater visibility in the those areas where they had the need to protect endangered wildlife from poachers.

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