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Highlights from Xponential 2018

Xponential 2018 Alta Devices Booth Alta Devices was in Denver for Xponential, the UAV/Drone industry’s largest show earlier this month on May 1-3. It was a great opportunity to learn about cutting-edge innovation, share perspectives on industry developments, and connect with some old friends. We wanted to share our [...]

May 30, 2018|

Empowering Autonomy

Autonomy is everywhere. As sensor, GPS, LIDAR and machine learning technology advance, the exciting reality of autonomously controlled aircraft, vehicles and devices is being realized.  Many technology, aerospace, and transport companies are racing to develop autonomous vehicles that will fly, drive or even float. However, one critical component of this [...]

April 30, 2018|

SPOTLIGHT Newsletter: April 2018

AUVSI Xponential - All Things Unmanned This month Alta Devices will be attending Xponential in Denver, Colorado. We will be exhibiting a solar UAV, solar wing segments and other examples of our solar technology. Our team is looking forward to meeting you at the show! On [...]

April 18, 2018|

Integrating Solar Into Your UAV

How Do I Integrate Solar Into A UAV? Integrating solar will provide additional power to a UAV that can be used to extend range or carry additional payload. Integration can be as easy or complex as you want it to be, depending on the time and materials you have available. [...]

March 21, 2018|

Alta Devices Wins Innovation Award – 53rd Annual Murphy Award

Over the weekend, Alta Devices was presented with an award by the Sunnyvale Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce for Outstanding Innovation in Solar Cell Technology. This year is the 53rd year of the annual Chamber of Commerce Murphy Awards. The awards recognize business and community accomplishments in technology, innovation and [...]

February 27, 2018|

SPOTLIGHT Newsletter: February 2018

Space Solar cells are a necessity for power in space. Alta Devices lightweight, thin, flexible, gallium arsenide solar cells are matrixed together to form high-efficiency solar arrays that maximize power while minimizing cost and launch weight. Can You 3D Print Metal Parts in Space? Of [...]

February 9, 2018|

Small Satellites – Key Terms You Should Know

Small satellites have disrupted the landscape of space exploration. Compared with traditional large satellites, they offer lower cost, quicker, more frequent and broader access to space. Most are used for earth observation but others are used for communications, meteorology, research and insurance. The small satellite market is booming and recent [...]

January 31, 2018|

UAV 101

New entrants to the commercial UAV or drone industry are often confused by the vast number of acronyms they encounter. To assist we have developed this helpful glossary of some of the most important terms: We’ve separated it into a few sections for readability; Types of UAVs, Components/Systems, Operating Modes [...]

December 18, 2017|

SPOTLIGHT Newsletter: November 2017

Is Solar a Game-Changer for UAV Flight Time? The Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) market has grown rapidly in recent years, in both military and commercial markets. For small, unmanned systems, increased endurance means less risk of damage to the aircraft and the ability to cover more ground. [...]

November 27, 2017|

Alta Devices Excels in Naval Research Lab Solar UAV Shootout

The main limitation currently facing the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) market is the short flight time of these aircraft- that’s where Alta Devices comes in. Alta solar cells offer a way to capture energy while flying without compromising the weight, size, or maneuverability of an aircraft. Researchers at the U.S. Naval [...]

November 22, 2017|

Why Use Gallium Arsenide Solar Cells?

Alta Devices uses Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) as the basis for our solar technology. It’s a lesser known material so we wanted to share some key information here: What is Gallium Arsenide? Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) is a semiconductor material and a compound of Gallium and Arsenic (interconnected cubic lattices). Traditionally [...]

October 31, 2017|

Alta Devices and Audi: Defining the Solar Car of the Future

Alta Devices is excited to announce that we are working with Audi to integrate solar into the roofs of Audi cars. This is the first time Audi has used Alta Devices solar in its vehicles. Audi is one of the most successful premium auto brands and also has Lamborghini and [...]

August 23, 2017|

Disruption in Space

The space market is currently experiencing disruption. New technology, new players, new business models and new demand is shaking up what was traditionally a conservative, expensive, risky and slow-paced industry. Record investment is pouring into space companies on a wave of excitement and race to grab market share. In 2015 [...]

August 4, 2017|

Alta Devices Joins Elite High Altitude Leadership Group

Upper Airspace Working Group (UAWG) Alta Devices and other leaders in high altitude technology have initiated the Upper Airspace Working Group (UAWG). This exciting group will work to tackle the challenges and opportunities associated with high altitude missions. The UAWG’s founding members are Facebook, Boeing, Google, Harris, Lockheed Martin, Northrup [...]

July 14, 2017|

Adding Solar To Your UAV Just Got Easier

Many aircraft companies are incorporating solar into their initial UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) or drone design or retrofitting it to their UAV wings by customer request. Why add solar to a UAV? The benefits include increased endurance, increased power and greater capabilities. This translates to the ability to fly longer [...]

May 24, 2017|

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