The Commercial use of drones and UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) is growing globally. Their impact will be immense.  However, the range of battery-powered UAVs is limited.  At the AUVSI Xponential show taking place this week in Dallas; Alta Devices will demonstrate how solar power can significantly extend flight endurance and the utility of these aircraft. Extended endurance allows aircraft to stay aloft longer; cover greater ground; and carry heavier, more powerful payloads. Adding solar can also power sophisticated on-board capabilities, such as sensors, communications hardware, and lighting. Extended-endurance UAVs can enable entirely new capabilities and have the potential to change the economics, dynamics, and operations of UAVs worldwide.


XPONENTIAL, Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, 650 S Griffin Street, Dallas, TX, 75202


May 8-11, 2017

Alta Devices Booth: #2441
Display of Alta Devices solar technology integrated into multiple UAV wings. Includes platforms used in missions such as search and rescue, visual inspection and precision agriculture.

Hot Issue Debate: The Connectivity Battle: Who Will Win the Race to Connect the World?
Hosted by Alta Devices and including executives from Airbus, Aurora Flight Sciences, Akash Systems, Skycom and World View.
Room: C146
Monday, May 8, 2017: 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM


From startups to leading defense companies, numerous organizations are vying to bring Internet to unconnected communities, create networks following disasters and provide communications through more efficient means. The need is apparent, but what is much less clear is the method by which large-scale connectivity will be provided. Some companies claim satellites are the only way, others are betting on balloons and a few say the future will be drones. Curious as to what the future may hold? Join this interactive session where representatives from top companies developing cutting-edge technologies will debate and make predictions on how the world will be connected in the future.


Alta Devices designs and manufactures the most efficient, thinnest, and flexible solar technology in the world.  The company is revolutionizing the endurance of unmanned systems and holds the world record for both single-junction and dual-junction solar cell efficiency at 28.8% and 31.6% respectively.  Because the technology delivers high levels of energy without adding significant weight, it can be used to provide up to five times more daytime endurance with virtually no impact on aerodynamics.

About Alta Devices
Alta Devices is (EM)POWERING THE UNPLUGGED WORLD™ by delivering the world’s most efficient, thin and flexible mobile power technology.  By converting light of any kind into electricity, Alta Device’s AnyLight™ power technology extends the energy source of a system, and in many cases, completely cuts the traditional power cord.  The solution can be completely integrated into the final system, and is ideal for use in unmanned systems, consumer electronics, sensors, automotive, remote exploration, wearables, or anywhere size, weight, and mobility matter.  Alta Devices holds world records for energy conversion efficiency and is located in Sunnyvale, CA. For more information, visit https://www.altadevices.com.  Alta Devices is a Hanergy company.

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