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Alta Devices Featured on Channel 7 News Bay Area
Alta Devices drives to discover cheaper solar energy at record-breaking efficiency levels. | November 27, 2011

World's Most Efficient Solar Cell Beams Fluorescent Light
Alta Devices has fabricated fluorescent solar cells from gallium arsenide that achieved a record conversion efficiency of 28.4 percent. That's 5 percent more efficiency than solar cells in commercial use today that are made from monocrystalline silicon wafers, according to LBNL. | November 11, 2011

2011 International Solar Energy Technology Conference (ISETC)
Alta President & CEO Chris Norris summarizes his presentation at ISETC, where he outlined the fundamental complaints typically associated with solar energy and how they're being addressed by technology today. | October 27, 2011

I'd Put My Money On The Sun
Alta President & CEO Chris Norris' presentation at the 2011 Technology Review Emtech Conference on sustainable energy details how solar energy may one day completely replace the use of hydro carbons as an energy source. | October 19, 2011

Alta Devices' Quest to Turn Solar Cells Commercial
Solar support continues to climb, with more and more becoming aware of the potential of the sun's energy… Meanwhile, over in Silicon Valley, one Kiwi is at the heart of a company making groundbreaking strides toward commercial solar cells which could radically reshape the global economy. | July 11, 2011

Alta Devices: Fluorescence Key to Economic PV
Stealthy start-up says that light generation inside solar cells is the key to high efficiencies, as it plans to build a pilot manufacturing facility. | June 22, 2011

Alta Devices Breaks Solar-Cell Record
Silicon Valley startup gives details about its technology for making highly efficient yet inexpensive solar cells. | June 21, 2011

IEEE PVSC at 50, Part I: Alta Devices' Dark-Current Mitigation Scheme Comes Out Into the Light
The venue for Alta Devices’ first public presentation about its potentially game-changing single-crystal gallium arsenide thin-film PV could not be more appropriate. The first IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference took place in 1961, and this year’s 37th convocation marks the event’s 50-year anniversary. | June 21, 2011

Alta Devices Lifts Curtain on High-Efficiency Solar Cell
Low-profile solar start-up Alta Devices will detail a technique it claims can deliver record solar cell efficiency, a step toward making solar cheaper than fossil fuels. | June 20, 2011

The Story Behind Solar Startup Alta Devices' Innovation
Alta Devices is combining the material gallium arsenide, which is already pretty efficient at converting sunlight into electricity, with a process that can harvest additional energy from the material. | June 20, 2011

Sun Shines on Yablonovitch's Research, But It Took Years
When is the right time to launch a start-up around your scientific discovery? Eli Yablonovitch waited twenty-some years, the time it took for solar energy to come back into vogue in the U.S., before launching Alta Devices, Inc. | March 14, 2011

Energy Density Mantra: Alta Devices Sees 30%-Efficient Solar PV Rooftops in Not-Too-Distant Future
Another third-generation PV start-up, Alta Devices, has decided to softly emerge from stealth mode: a financing round of $72 million, garnered from a syndicate of VC and equity heavy hitters, has a way of building confidence and making one reconsider an aversion to publicity’s glare. | March 11, 2011

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