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The automotive industry is under tremendous pressure to increase mileage efficiency and reduce impact to the environment. From electric vehicles, to hybrids, to combustible engine automobiles, providing a meaningful amount of solar energy to a vehicle will be critical in this endeavor. With Alta Device’s thin and flexible mobile power technology, ultra-high efficiency solar cells can be integrated directly into the roof or other surface areas of a vehicle providing enough energy to extend the range of an electric vehicle, maintain control of battery temperatures, and provide power for entertainment, navigation, or climate control systems.


  • Thin and flexible technology can be laminated directly into curved glass or other materials for seamless integration
  • Meaningful amounts of energy can be generated from small surface areas
  • World-record single junction (28.8%) and dual junction (30.8%) solar cell conversion efficiency
  • World-record single junction (24.1%) module efficiency
  • Low temperature coefficients and high sensitivity to low light generate unsurpassed real world performance

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