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Nothing has changed faster in the past few years than the mobile device market. The movement from a wired to a wireless lifestyle has created the need for on-the-go power to keep devices online. The ability to convert both solar energy and indoor light into a continuous, meaningful charge means that in some cases the power cord can be eliminated entirely. Alta's solar cell technology can integrate directly into other materials making mobile power transparent.

In remote areas, off the grid areas or during disasters, having portable power is critical not only for communication, but for commerce and extending battery life for critical systems.

Alta’s high-efficiency mobile power technology is extremely thin and lightweight and able to produce large amounts of energy from a small area. Generating more energy than any other thin and flexible solar technology, Alta Devices makes mobile power for consumer devices a reality.


  • The cells are extremely thin, flexible, and lightweight
  • A wide variety of encapsulation methods allow for integration into existing products
  • World-record single junction (28.8%) and dual junction (30.8%) solar cell conversion efficiency
  • World-record single junction (24.1%) module efficiency
  • Absorption is well matched to indoor lighting

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