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Internet of Things

Soon, we will be measuring everything. This big data revolution will drive the need for billions of sensors to be deployed throughout homes, offices, and factories. These sensors will provide valuable data for making better decisions and keep people safer in industrial environments. Many of these wireless sensors will need to be self-powered, harvesting energy from the environment. Alta Device’s solar technology is small, thin, and flexible, and its performance is unmatched in both indoor and outdoor lighting conditions. Paired with a rechargeable battery or super-capacitor, a small cell can provide enough energy to power a wireless sensor indefinitely.


  • Solar technology works well in both indoor and outdoor lighting conditions
  • Thin and flexible cells provide seamless integration onto curved surfaces
  • World-record single junction (28.8%) and dual junction (30.8%) solar cell conversion efficiency
  • Meaningful amounts of energy can be generated from tiny surface areas

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