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AnyLight™ Mobile Power Applications

Alta Devices has developed its AnyLight™ technology to provide power to anything that moves, can be carried, or worn. World-record conversion efficiency, combined with being extremely thin and lightweight, makes the technology ideal for a wide variety of applications. The ability to convert solar energy and indoor light into meaningful charge means that power is available at all times, and in some cases eliminates the need to plug in. And because the technology can integrate directly into other materials, and generates significant power from small surface areas, makes the solution transparent to the user.

For unmanned systems such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), integration of Alta Device’s technology directly into the wing can provide enough power to keep a small UAV in the air all day long. The technology is so thin and light, there is almost no impact to the aerodynamics of the airplane.

For consumer devices, the ability to generate power from both indoor and outdoor light provides continuous charging, extending the usefulness of your device. In the developing world, this technology may be the only source of reliable power and can enable widespread connectivity and e-commerce where there is none today.

In remote places, access to reliable power is a significant challenge, and can be extremely expensive. Alta's technology can be extremely beneficial for exploration, mining, and surveying expeditions as well as campers and hikers needing to keep their devices charged for extended periods of time.

The ability to provide significant power to vehicles of all types directly from sunlight reduces the amount of fossil fuels consumed and can extend the range of electric vehicles. This can be applied to automobiles, tractor-trailers, RVs and more.

Soon, billions of sensors will be deployed throughout homes, offices, and factories measuring everything from motion and sound, to temperature and humidity. The Internet of Things will need power and be as small as possible. Alta’s technology enables the harvesting of energy from all types of light in the smallest form factor possible.

Wearable devices can track your activity and provide useful information at a glance, but recharging them can be a hassle. Alta’s technology can potentially eliminate the need to recharge these devices by harvesting energy from light throughout the day.

The possibilities of mobile power are endless, and Alta Devices is making it
a reality.

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