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In today’s on-the-go world, there is an increasing demand for devices and products that are mobile. With the increase in mobility, comes the need for portable power. Whether it be for industrial or recreational use, having a ready source of power that can move with you, is critical. With Alta Device’s thin, flexible solar cells, powering up on the move is no longer a problem. Ranging from personal charging mats, to integration into backpacks, tents, and clothing, Alta’s technology allows anyone to charge critical equipment on the move, explorers to keep sophisticated surveying equipment operating, and campers and hikers to stay charged for extended periods of time. And with recent disasters here and abroad, from the power outage in India to Superstorm Sandy, it is clear that families and businesses alike need readily available emergency power.


  • Flexible cells are robust and rugged, capable of surviving both harsh environments and tough handling
  • Flexibility in electrical design supports a wide variety of charging options
  • World-record single junction (28.8%) and dual junction (30.8%) solar cell conversion efficiency
  • World-record single junction (24.1%) module efficiency
  • Low temperature coefficients and high sensitivity to low light generate unsurpassed real world performance

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