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Applications Overview

Applications Overview

Alta Devices AnyLight™ technology can provide power to anything that moves. Our cells provide world-record conversion efficiency in a thin and lightweight form, making it ideal for a wide variety of applications.

Learn how Alta Devices is (em)Powering the unplugged WorldTM.

Unmanned Systems
Consumer Devices
Remote Power
Internet of Things

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AnyLightTM Mobile Power Technology

Learn about AnyLightTM mobile power technology. Get information on configurations, specifications and the manufacturing process.

White Paper

Mobile Power Applications

Battery recharging on mobile devices and in other mobile applications is one of the biggest challenges today. This whitepaper introduces a thin-film solar technology from Alta Devices that not only extends battery life for mobile devices but because of its flexibility, can be integrated into UAVs, automobiles, Internet of Things devices, wearables or for many other mobile powered applications.

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