Consumer Devices

Consumer Devices

Stay Charged: Free Yourself from the Cord.

A mobile device using Alta Device’s AnyLight™ power technology can capture light and convert it to extra battery life throughout the day. Just 10 minutes of sunlight on a typical smartphone gives you enough charge for a 15-minute phone call.

The Alta Advantage

Unmatched Performance

by holding single and dual junction solar efficiency records at 28.8% and 31.6% respectively, we produce more power per unit area than any other solar material

AnyLightTM Technology

allows our solar cell to harvest a significant amount of energy from both indoor and outdoor light to ensure devices run longer under any lighting condition

Designed to Fit

with a cell size of 2 x 5 cm and the capability to make custom arrays or shapes, we deliver a solar solution designed specifically to your product

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Single Cell Technology Brief

Consumer Devices Application Brief

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