Extend Range: Harness the Power of the Sun

Alta Devices is Empowering Autonomy for Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are not really autonomous if they have to constantly stop to ‘plug in’. Most cars are exposed to the sun all day. With Alta Device’s AnyLightTM power technology you can achieve true autonomy. Sunlight can be used to charge your battery, extend range while you drive, and cool your car throughout the day.

Alta’s vision is that eventually electric vehicles (EV’s) won’t have to stop to refuel….

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Solar for Automotive

A Smarter Greener Future
The automotive industry is trending towards a smarter, greener future. Demand for electric cars is increasing worldwide due to emissions standards, consumer preferences and technological advancements. Electric vehicles, hybrids and semi-autonomous vehicles are therefore on the roads in increasing numbers. Vehicle range is a key differentiator for electric car consumers in both the premium and non-premium markets.

Power Needs Are Increasing
As cars increasingly become more connected, safer and smarter their electric power needs are increasing. Most cars are exposed to the sun all day so the addition of solar is an excellent way to source additional power. Alta Devices holds the world record for solar efficiency generating very high power per unit area. It is also flexible, lightweight and can be seamlessly integrated into aerodynamic and sleek designs making it ideal for automotive applications.

Technology Performance Brief

The Alta Advantage
Unmatched performance icon

Unmatched Performance

by holding the single junction solar efficiency record at 29.1% we produce more power per unit area than any other solar material

Lightweight and flexible icon

Lightweight & Flexible

with a mass of only 170 g/m2, and the ability to bend to cover curved surfaces, we are industry leading in our core design

Seamless integration icon

Seamless Integration

into plastic, carbon fiber, fiberglass, or foam molding along with tailored electrical voltage and current output optimized to your power system

Alta Devices is working with Audi to integrate solar into the roofs of Audi cars.

Audi automotive in production

Audi plans to bring three battery-powered electric vehicles to market by 2020. Initially, Alta’s solar will be integrated into the panoramic glass roof of Audi vehicles to power auxiliary systems like air-conditioning or seat heaters which will extend the car’s range. Later, Alta’s solar will cover the entire roof surface and could be used to directly charge Audi electric vehicle batteries.

We’re looking forward to shaping the solar car of the future with Audi!

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Hanergy Solar Cars

Hanergy has developed four solar electric concept cars. The vehicles are lightweight and covered in flexible, thin-film, Alta Devices solar cells.  The solar extends the range of the vehicles which can also be plugged in to charge their Lithium Ion batteries. The four cars target different types of users and are called the Solar R the Solar O, Solar L, and Solar A. The Hanergy Solar R is a sports car with thin-film solar cells placed on its hood, roof and side panels.