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Mobile Power Battery Life Calculator

Welcome to Alta Devices' battery life extension calculator tool. With this tool, you can quickly calculate how much extra battery life you can expect to get on a device with Alta's mobile power technology integrated. By choosing your device and type of user, you can see how much additional energy Alta can bring you.

If you want to get more detailed, simply enter the total capacity of your battery (in Wh), the amount of surface area you can cover with our thin and flexible solar material (in cm2), and how much exposure to the sun you typically get in a day. The tool will calculate the power generated from that sun exposure and report it as a percentage of your total battery capacity.

Select the Device Type

 Smartphone (3x2 cells)
 7" Tablet (10x2 cells)
 10" Tablet (10x5 cells)

Battery Size (Wh)

Surface Area (cm2)

Indicate the Use Conditions

 Outdoor worker, phone on belt
 Sunny office worker
 Cubicle worker, some window access
 Student, with time spent outdoors

Select the length in hours for each condition – Total must not exceed 8 hours
Direct sun
Indirect sun
Window sill
Near window
Cannot exceed 8 hours total!



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