Enabling Autonomous Applications for IoT

This week, Alta Devices and Analog Devices announced they have collaborated on pairing two highly energy efficient components together. These components are the new Analog Devices energy harvesting power management unit (PMU) and Alta Devices solar cells. Alta Devices holds the world record for solar efficiency at 28.8%, and at 18uW per cm2 in 200 lux, this solar technology is able to harvest significant energy from indoor light. “Solar is not just for sunlight anymore” said Rich Kapusta, Chief Marketing Officer, Alta Devices. The Analog Devices ADP509x is one of the most efficient energy harvesting PMUs on the market. This pairing ensures devices can run longer under any lighting condition.

Energy harvesting (ie. from solar) is central to fully autonomous IoT solutions. Consider a large building that has many smoke detectors. Battery replacement is costly, difficult and time consuming.

Autonomous IoT devices are functional indefinitely and likely never need their battery changed. Large savings in resources and costs are possible. Other potential applications include wearables and devices for remote locations.

We are excited at the huge potential this pairing will unleash in the IoT market.

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