The First Stratospheric Solar Product

Solar for HALE UAVs and HAPS

Aircraft that fly at stratospheric altitudes are an important new category that include:

  • HALE (High Altitude Long Endurance) UAVs
  • HAPS (High Altitude Pseudo Satellites)
  • Airships
  • High Altitude Balloons
  • Other UAVs

These aircraft are designed to extend connectivity to people around the world in remote locations, under served areas or after natural disasters. Solar is a critical factor in enabling these aircraft to remain aloft for periods of multiple weeks or years.

Alta Devices AnylightTM Solar for HALE UAVs and HAPS is the first solar product designed specifically with stratospheric conditions in mind.

Alta Devices Anylight Solar for HALE UAVs and HAPS

HALE UAVs and HAPS Application Brief

The Alta Devices AnyLight™ solar for HALE UAVs provides over 300 W/m2 under high-altitude operating conditions. It provides industry-leading packing density of 94% including diodes.


HALE/HAPS Solar Products

The world’s first solar product designed for stratospheric HALE/HAPS aircraft.

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Alta Devices New Product for HALE UAVs
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The Alta Advantage

Unmatched Performance for HALE Icon

Unmatched Performance

by holding the single junction solar efficiency record at 29.1% we produce more power per unit area than any other solar material

Lightweight and Flexible

Lightweight & Flexible

with a mass of only 170 g/m2, and the ability to bend to cover curved surfaces, we are industry leading in our core design

Seamless Integration of Solar for HALE icon

Seamless Integration

into plastic, carbon fiber, fiberglass, or foam molding along with tailored electrical voltage and current output optimized to your power system

Seamless Integration of Solar for HALE icon

Environmental Durability

Designed to withstand harsh stratospheric conditions that include high levels of UV, ozone and thermal cycling

Seamless Integration of Solar for HALE icon

Stratospheric Design

Designed for high performance at stratospheric altitudes, the first solar technology designed specifically for HALE and HAPS aircraft


The First Solar Designed for HALE UAVs

Until now HALE UAVs have used solar that was designed for terrestrial or space environments. Now, the first solar product design for HALE aircraft is available.

The stratosphere at an altitude of 20km (60,000 feet) poses unique engineering challenges to aircraft due to the harsh conditions. High levels of UV radiation, ozone and thermal cycling are present which can damage materials and greatly accelerate degredation. In addition, the solar spectrum is different at stratospheric altitudes which affects solar efficiency. All these factors drive the need for a specialized solar product for HALE.

This new product combines world record solar efficiency with cutting edge materials science and several new inventions that maximize power, minimize weight and extend durability in the stratospheric environment.