Press Releases

6Aug, 2018

Alta Devices Powers Successful CubeSat Mission

August 6, 2018|

Alta Devices Modular, Lightweight and Highly Efficient Solar Cells Enabled Rapid Development and Deployment of Innovative FastBus Small Satellite Platform LOGAN, UT – August 6, 2018 –A successful CubeSat mission by Twiggs Space [...]

2Jul, 2018

Alta Devices Breaks Solar Energy Efficiency Record

July 2, 2018|

Alta Devices has today announced that its most recent single junction solar cell has been certified by NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) as being 28.9% efficient.  This certification confirms that Alta has set [...]

2Feb, 2018

Hanergy Breaks World Record for GaAs Solar Production Modules

February 2, 2018|

Hanergy Thin Film Power Group Limited today announced that Fraunhofer ISE CalLab PV Modules, a German solar energy testing laboratory, has rated its US-based subsidiary Alta Devices newest solar production module as the highest efficiency [...]