The First Stratospheric Solar Solution

This week Alta Devices announced a new product, Alta Devices AnylightTM Solar for HALE UAVs. This is the first solar product designed specifically with stratospheric conditions in mind.

UAVs that fly at stratospheric altitudes are an important new aircraft category that include: HALE (High Altitude Long Endurance) UAVs, HAPS (High Altitude Pseudo Satellites), Airships, High Altitude Balloons, and other UAVs.

These aircraft are being designed to extend connectivity to people around the world in remote locations, under-served areas or after natural disasters, for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) purposes and for environmental research. Solar is a critical factor in enabling these aircraft to remain aloft for periods of multiple weeks or years.

Solar for HALE AUV

Alta Devices AnyLight Solar for HALE UAVs

The stratosphere, at an altitude of 20 kilometers (60,000 feet) poses unique engineering challenges to aircraft due to the harsh conditions. High levels of UV radiation, ozone, and thermal cycling are present which can damage materials and greatly accelerate degradation. In addition, the solar spectrum is different at stratospheric altitudes which affects solar efficiency. All these factors drive the need for a specialized solar product for HALE UAVs.

Alta Devices has been working closely with HALE UAV and HAPS customers as it has developed this product. With these leaders in aerospace innovation, we have worked to solve critical challenges related to the mechanical and electrical integration of the technology onto multiple aircraft platforms. We have developed a special, lightweight packaging solution that protects the solar cells from the extreme UV, ozone, and the thermal environment of the stratosphere, while maintaining a smooth, aerodynamic surface.

This new product combines world record solar efficiency with cutting edge materials science and several new inventions that maximize power, minimize weight and extend durability in the stratospheric environment. The entire package is flexible, lightweight and highly durable. These aerospace-grade materials are designed for multi-year life and have gone through environmental, performance and quality testing. Additionally, Alta Devices provides unmatched in-house engineering support for layout and integration of the solar.

Product Overview

  • The First: First solar technology designed for stratospheric flight
  • Flexible: No glass used: solar package includes aerospace-grade flexible film and adhesives designed for multi-year life
  • Durable: Testing completed by Alta Devices to ensure technology can withstand stratospheric UV radiation, ozone, thermal cycling and other stressors
  • Support: Experienced Alta Devices team is able to provide solar product layout and integration support

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