Fly Different: Solar as Innovative as Your Satellite

Innovative satellite designs need solar power to match. Lightweight, thin, flexible and tough gallium-arsenide solar cells from Alta Devices enable designs that are not possible with other solar technologies. Whether it’s coiled carbon fiber booms, flat-packed, polymer-based accordion arrays, or even inflatable structures, our solar technology allows creative design approaches for maximizing power.

OreSat with space-grade solar
Image of Alta Devices cells for space applications

Our cells provide a new level of mechanical and design flexibility for the small satellite industry. Alta Devices solar technology for space leverages a patented, high-volume terrestrial manufacturing process to create high-efficiency solar arrays with excellent packing factor in a thin, flexible, and lightweight form-factor. This maximizes power while minimizing cost and launch weight. Our technology enables creative design approaches to maximizing onboard solar power.

Solar for Space Whitepaper Preview

Lightweight, High-Performance Solar Cells for High Power-to-Weight and Deployable Solar Arrays

Thin gallium-arsenide solar cells have the potential to provide a good balance of:

  • conversion efficiency
  • reduced array weight
  • elimination of cell breakage
  • significant reduction in costs relative to conventional space solar cells.

Technology Performance Brief

The Alta Advantage
Seamless integration of solar into space-craft

Seamless Integration

Robust and tough material that eliminates breakage while providing ease of integration into plastic, carbon fiber, fiberglass, or foam molding with tailored electrical voltage and current output optimized to your power system.

Lightweight and flexible solar for space

Lightweight and Flexible

Design possibilities are infinite with the flexibility of Alta Devices solar which can be easily designed into curved areas. This opens up design possibilities so you can think outside the cube!

Custom sizes of solar for space

Designed To Fit

Pack more power. With the small modular form factor (2cm x5cm), we are industry leading in our material properties and packing ability. More power can be packed into a small area with Alta Devices solar.

Track record for design wins.

Several players in the small satellite field are using Alta Devices solar technology including Twiggs Space Labs, Near Space Launch Inc. and OreSat (Part of the 2017 NASA CubeSat Launch Initiative)

“We’re very excited to be working with Alta Devices solar technology on our OreSat CubeSat project. These cells can be easily handled by students, don’t require traditionally painstaking encapsulation techniques…. And they provide excellent power output compared to other alternatives.” – Professor Greenberg, Portland State University

OreSat is using Alta Devices solar on Oregon’s first satellite. Part of the 2017 NASA CubeSat Launch Initiative, OreSat is a vehicle for collaborative, interdisciplinary aerospace engineering education for the state of Oregon.

OreSat will perform atmospheric science research and serve as a testbed for innovative long-range Wifi, solar cell and satellite bus technologies, all while providing innovative, STEM-based outreach to the entire state of Oregon and beyond.

More about OreSat can be found at

OreSat with Space-Grade Solar

Audi Lunar Vehicle

Audi Lunar Vehicle with Space-Grade Solar