The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (BWSC) is the world’s most well-known solar-powered car race event.

In 2019, Alta Devices solar is powering the Stanford Solar Car. The car, christened the ‘Black Mamba’ will race in the BWSC and was recently unveiled to the public.

This October, teams from around the world will race in the BWSC. The road race is over 30 years old, held every two years in the Australian outback and covers a challenging route more than 3000km long (from Darwin to Adelaide). Over 50 teams, comprising of students from high schools and colleges will compete in pushing the limits of technological innovation. The race rules mandate that the cars must be designed, built, and raced by the teams, and run only on solar power.


Stanford Solar Car Powered By Alta Devices Solar

The 2019 Stanford Solar Car Powered By Alta Devices Solar


The Stanford team has a very strong legacy in the BWSC. They first participated in the race in 1989 and have placed in the top 10 in the last 3 BWSC races. The 2019 team’s sponsors include Tesla, SpaceX, Blue Origin and Ford. In fact, Tesla co-founder and CTO (JB Straubel) is a Stanford solar car team alumni.

The 2019 Stanford solar car has a new sleek design and the team even built a custom oven to cure the shell composites in. The Stanford team chose Alta Devices solar technology for the first time this year and are focused on placing higher than the 4th place finish they achieved in 2017.

We can’t wait until race day and will be following their journey online!


The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge runs from October 13 – 20 2019, starting in Darwin and finishing in Adelaide, South Australia.

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